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Woman Warrior with Spoils of Battle


As much as I would love it for every person who downloads anything on here to register with me, I realize that might take more work than I can handle at the moment. There are a few things here that I do ask:

  1. Participate – this means let me know your feedback! If you find typing or grammatical errors, let me know about them, please.  I am always open to suggestions for improvement in the game. Put up groups here in the site for your campaigns and let me know what people are doing.
  2. Support me! This takes countless hours and a lot of my own resources. If you think that Mythic Hero is fun, then buy me food and drinks, send donations, give me your pictures and drawings to add to the game, send me your new spells to look through and add to spell books/listings for other people to see.
  3. Spread the word. It would be great to see a huge community build up around Mythic Hero. Let everyone you know who is interested in role playing know about this website and the game. I don’t know how long I’m going to keep the basic game on here for download. Probably not much longer, as it’s almost to the point where I am ready to put it into publication and book form. Get it now, while it’s free!

Downloads (right click to save):

The following have been removed; on May 15th the core system will be released for sale on RPG Now:

  • Mythic Hero Creatures v0.1
  • Mythic Hero – The Fey v0.1
  • Mythic Hero – The Immortal Beings v0.1
  • Mythic Hero Player Book v0.2

Look for adventures, modules, supplements, expansions, artwork, and more coming soon thereafter!



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